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Larco's Italian Chophouse

645 N Big Beaver

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Detail for Larco's Italian Chophouse : Restaurant, Italian

Authentic Italian specialties served in a relaxing, contemporary setting; full service bar. - sys, 12/08/2001

Even though I don't live particularly close to Larco's I make sure to get there at least a couple times of year. I have had nothing but excellent meals and service. I entertained clients from Chicago there last month and they were very impressed with the choice of restaurant. We all had steaks that were of the highest quality and done as each of us had ordered them. The waiter was quite helpful with a wine selection. The bartender also had a generous hand with the scotch! Larco's is in my top 5 list of metro Detroit restaurants. - Joe G, 05/04/2006

I actually think Larco's is a fantastic spot, despite what some of the other reviews on this site may say. I work down the street from the restaurant so we do a lot of lunch and dinner meetings there. I've never had anything outside of a good experience. It's is nice and quiet, which again, makes it perfect for meetings, and as a side note, they serve one of the better filets in all of the Southeastern Michigan area. - Jason Freeman, 06/07/2004

I treated my boyfriend to Larco's for his b-day last year and the service was HORRIBLE. The restaurant wasn't very busy but after being seated at the bar we waited 20 minutes to be acknowledged. We had to ask for water and menus. About 40 minutes later someone came to take our order and it took very close to an hour before any food was served (by this point I was timing). The food was cold, my filet tasted like it was prepared in road salt and it was very dry. I felt horrible about it but I didn't want ask for corrections to be made because of the wait. No one checked on us at all during our meal, and our water was not even refilled. Before leaving, I tracked down the hostess and told her about the lousy experience we had and she said she would send the manager to us. The 'manager' was a man we saw doing nothing but polishing glasses at the bar all night. He offered no apologies, only told us he was short staffed (although we did not see him doing much to alleviate the situation). He did offer us a cappucino(Hooray)! How long could that take? We didn't stick around to find out. In all, it was NOT worth the pricetag. - jennifer j, 06/13/2003

I attended a company dinner on Wednesday, January 8, t Larco's with other DuPont employees and must tell you how disappointed I was with the caliber of food. Let me me specific. The crab cake appetizers were in a chafing dish with a tiny flame that didn't warm the crab cakes beyond room temperature. Minestrone soup was good but the tiny cup was about 2/3 full. Nice salad greens, although the portion was tiny and the oil and vinegar dressing had separated so that oil was at the bottom of the greens. The penne pasta looked like it had been thrown on the dish, very tiny portion, wee bit of sauce on half of the pieces. The entree I chose, Veal Marsala, was the most disappointing part of the meal: 3 thin pieces of veal, about 1-1/2 inch by 1-1/2 inch; the sauce had not a trace of Marsala flavor and only a few bits of mushroom! The potatoes looked wonderful but had no bit of seasoning, i.e., salt. The vegetables were the best thing on my plate. This was my first (and, likely, only visit to Larco's. I had heard good things about your restaurant; but if your service to catered guests is an indication of the overall quality of food, it's pretty disappointing. Other people at the table didn't have high marks for their entrees either; complaints that the salmon was cooked too dry; and the sauce in the Chicken Larco (which server had described prior to ordering as garlic and lemon sauce) tasted only of sharp lemon. I wish that I could be more complimentary and will end with praise for the two women who were the bar and table waitstaff. They were outstandingly efficient and friendly. - Lillian M. Graf, 01/10/2003

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