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The best hot dogs in Minneapolis... This place is awesome. The owner is working all the time. He's great. The patrons are a mix of recent releases from the Hennepin County jail, students, businessmen, you name it you'll get it. I can't get enough of their Maxwell street dogs and a side of fries. Your pores will ooze grease, but damn its good stuff. I have to go once a month. The guy cuts up a potato in front of you, throws it in the fryer, and voila, you have the best fries in Mpls. And the dogs, who knew you could make Vienna beef taste so good. - Mike, 12/14/2006

A visit to the Wienery is a gastronomical adventure of culinary sky-diving or mouth surfing. Particularly if you like pushing your palate towards spicy heat. My usual order covers the full heat range that The Wienery has to offer. I always order my stuff hot - and chow down beginning with the mild. My first plate is an Italian Combo - an Italian sausage laid back into a veritable sofa of roast beef and spiked with shards of pasilla or poblano peppers. Second is The Chicago which The Wienery makes to absolute perfection! It is a gorgeously plump Vienna beef skin-on wiener, with exacting dollops of mustard, relish and gem (sport) pepper accents. This is the real Chicago - accept no other! Third - I opt for a small helping of Texas Hard Core Chili, the sign on the wall says it 'burns twice!'. Take this warning to heart! Within 4 to 12 hours, you do not want to schedule a venture too far from a 'relief facility' as this item will forcefully request extreme and immediate attention with undeniable authority. Fourth, and this is dangerous for the uninitiated, I order up a Tasmanian Devil Dog AND I ask that it be made 'excruciating'. Jerry, the owner, always obliged. It looks like a harmless chili dog and the first bite tastes like a harmless chili dog. Heh, heh...little do you know that you have just left the gate on a habanero powered roller coaster in Hell's Amusement Park. Habanero's aren't just a little hotter than most peppers...they are numero uno. Compared in Scoville Units (sensation of heat), the widely respected jalapeno pepper chalks up a 2,500 to 5,000 score. Quite paltry compared to the heavy weight champion Habanero scoring at 100,000 to 300,000! The Tasmanian Devil Dog is impregnated with powdered with ground habanero and when ordered 'excruciating', it is positively coronary!! You are gripped with an overriding sensation to rip off your clothes and run out onto Cedar avenue screaming...but you cannot scream because you cannot breath! I strongly suggest that The Wienery should protect themselves with a legal waiver for folks to sign, like me, who order their 'Tazzy's' HOT! Hand's down, the hottest thing that I have ever had. I actually fear it, but the subsequent endorphine high, as my body floods with the hormonal shield, is unlike any other. Course, if you are just a wussy weenee, you can just order everything at The Wienery as 'regular' and miss the culinary adventure. - anonymous, 05/31/2001

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