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903 Washington Ave

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Detail for Wasabi : Restaurant, Japanese

Wasabi is now my new fav sushi place in the Twin Cities! This place is fun, full of energy, yet chill at the same time. Great for big parties, surprisingly, too! We had a ton of people dining and they never failed to deliver in terms of time, freshness and accuracy on our orders. Great prices. Great wait staff. I think we met the owner who was more than happy to have a party of 10+ dining in. I'm definitely coming back! - ihsus, 03/18/2008

THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD EATING AT A RESTAURANT. I have always love sushi, name a place here in MN and I probably have dined there. I usually expect great sushi and along with it, the great customer service. 9 out of 10 times I am usually satisfied with the food and the service. I have never in my life had a bad experience, I made reservation here for a group of my friends and I, which total to 13. The night started off okay. Our waitress was not friendly and it took her about 20 minutes into sitting down to ask us if we wanted something to drink. Later when it was time to order, we ask if we could have separate checks (if a place like Applebee’s can have it, surely a place as nice as Wasabi must have that technology too correct? WRONG), she said she was not able to do it. Fine, whatever. So we ordered our food. When the orders came out she did not know who had what and got our food all mixed up. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that it was her job to remember. It was sushi for goodness sake, I'm sure there was more than 1 of us ordering the Shrimp Tempura rolls. But WE finally figured it out. As dinner ended, she was reaching across to clear a plate...and ended up spilling soy sauce all over my date new suit. No great apology, just a "sorry". Eh what the heck, we were nice people so...we " is okay do not worry about it." When the check came, the total was around $ 400-500 (tax already included). We each pay our share, each person/couple averaging around $50 each. Our waitress came back saying that we were still short $100 dollars. Are you kidding me???? Okie whatever. At that point, we just wanted to get out of there. So we each put in about $8 more dollars. Thought that would cover it. NOPE. She came back saying that we were STILL missing $70 dollars!!! I thought we just paid you $100!??!?!? At this point we were beyond infuriated. We wanted to speak with a manager. Mister Tim Wong came, and proceeds to make us even angrier. I have never dealt with such a manager as himself. I been a manager myself, and the way he was acting, would have gotten him fired at my job. Some of his comments to us were "I don't know what happen here, but we need people to pay their tab"...are you out of your F-ing mind??? He made it sound like we haven't paid!!!?!? At one point he said “What the f#c%, I'm trying to help you guys out here." Wow Thank you Mr. Wong, you were very helpful. I finally had enough, and just wanted to get out of there ASAP. I paid another $45 dollars in addition to the $70 dollars that my date already paid. I have always read reviews, but never written one myself. But the experience that I had at Wasabi made me so angry that I just had to share. I am planning to make a phone call to Wasabi to speak with someone who is responsible for employees, such as Mr. Tim Wong. What I have also been doing after my experience at the restaurant is telling all my friends, family, and co-workers about my horrible experience there. Word of mouth travel quickly. The majority of people that I know love to eat sushi, and Wasabi you will NEVER get them as your customers. I, myself, will NEVER go back to a place that thinks so low of their customers. - BumbleBee, 01/23/2008

Wonderful sushi at a reasonable price. The drinks are good too! Great atmosphere. - anonymous, 01/20/2008

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