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Trio Atelier

1625 N Hinman
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Detail for Trio Atelier : Restaurant, Contemporary

Expertly prepared dishes are creatively presented. Specialties: Thai bouillabaise, lobster cocktail, grilled venison, and rack of lamb. Reservations are required. Private kitchen dining is available. - sys, 12/26/1999

Don't be placated by the restaurant's country inn decor! Tasting menus ranging from $75 - $175 (kitchen table) nearly explode with creative flavor. A starter may be a hazelnut-crusted baked cheese cake. Other courses may include lobster and wild mushrooms accompanied by aromatic rosemary. Sweets may include spicy chocolate soup with white chocolate sorbet. Open for lunch Fri; dinner served Wed -Sun. - Alotta, 09/26/2003

Trio is has reopened, serving small plate dishes. - wm, 08/29/2004

Trio Atelier is the fourth incarnation of this spot since 1993. Exposed beams and white walls accented by sacks of salt pave the way for 'petite tastes' such as a flight of salt with cucumber, tomato and egg; and a buckwheat crepe with rapini and creamed leeks. 'Medium tastes' include a parmasean cheesecake of rosemary, pine nuts, and grape foccacia. 'Large tastes' are in the low-mid $20 range and include grilled flatiron steak topped by worcestershire sauce and accompanied by a mushroom-pearl onion salsa, and gnocchi with almonds, ricotta, seasonal veggies, and brown butter. Open for dinner Tues-Sun. - Alotta, 02/24/2005

9/5/03 - Had 'dinner' there last night. Can't call it 'dinner' or 'a meal' or anything because it wasn't even close to anything I've eaten before. We had a group of 6, and Grant had the whole thing planned out for us. When he found out that half our party couldn't eat lobster, he neatly switched in a trout dish with salmon mousse. Far and away the most spectacular culinary experience I've ever had. MUST be done at least once. -, 09/05/2003

Chef Grant Achatz prepared the finest of foods for our group of ten. We enjoyed the chef's tasting menu of eight which consisted of lobster, african pomapano, sirloin of beef and much more. The lemon souffle parcels were beyond anything I have tasted. Henry Adaniya, the proprietor was the greatest host. I fully understand why Trio is a four star restaurant and has waiting lists for dinner. You have got to try it. I found the location by going to their Web site at - Merrill, 04/22/2002

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