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Thyme & Honey

100 S Oak Park
Oak Park

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Detail for Thyme & Honey : Restaurant, Homestyle

Fine homestyle cooking. Bring your own liquor. - sys, 12/26/1999

I had been here several times before, but won't go back again after my last visit. I ordered an omelette and half way through just about gagged on egg shells. I brought it to the attention of my waitress, and her reply was that there was a new cook and her eggs that morning also had shells in them. Not the right reply. If a cook can't make eggs without the shells, he should either be shown how to make eggs properly, or shown the door. I also commented to the cashier/host when she asked how the breakfast was. They should get a new cook. They should also have offered to discount the meal by an amount equal to the uneaten portion. I won't go back and neither should you. This was our second choice when Original Pancake House had a long wait. Next time I'll wait. - M S, 11/15/2008

Went there with 3 other people. We walked in just to look at the menu, we should have known something was off when the manager or owner basically begged us to stay and eat. Unfortunately we did. 1) The menu wasn't too descriptive, so of course we asked what certain items were. IE) what types of vegetables were on the Veggie Platter. Waiter didn't know, said, do you want me to go back and ask. He said this for 3 of the 4 people. 2) Ordered a pasta, he asked us if it came with a soup or salad. We had to point it out to him in the menu 3) Got are food, most were okay except my burnt hamburger, we all got our meal and low and behold he brings out the salad and bread for the pasta and then the soup for the other girls meal. A little late, he said oh, did you want a salad, I wasnt sure. Went to pay the cashier, I think it was the owner. Asked me how was everything. I said the service was really weird. Told her why. She brings over the waiter and embarrases him in front of us by calling him out. She made a big deal about our asking to split the bill on different cards, took an extra 10 minutes or so. Waiter left, she started talking unkind remarks about the guy. All in all, very strange, food wasn't good, service was horrible. Regretted ever walking in the door. Waste of my night and money. - oak park guy, 03/18/2008

Thyme & Honey Restaurant is Back! The new location is: 7525 W. Madison Forest Park IL The decor is upbeat, Mediterranean...bright, sunny and relaxing. The menus include the same great selections we've always enjoyed with some interesting additions. -, 07/22/2007

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