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The Tavern

519 N Milwaukee

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Detail for The Tavern : Restaurant, American

WOW...While I was in town last, I had been nextdoor at the FIRKIN for lunch, and a beer later on the same night, and the bartender suggested the Tavern for steaks. So i walked over, sat down at the bar and was imediately surprised to see another great selection of beer on draft that was completely different from the selection at the sister restaurant nextdoor; they also had a ton of wines by the glass, and (so i was told, more than 800 bottles on their reserve wine list). As for the food, this truly is the place for steaks, there was a huge selection of different cuts, different grades of beef, as well as different sources (Texas, Australia, Japan, Uraguay...). As an appetizer, I has a really spectacular shrimp cocktail with sauce made to order; then I had a Delmonico Steak which was seasoned perfectly, and cooked flawlessly. I never eat dessert, but they did offer a huge selection of after-dinner drinks including an impressive selection of congnacs and armagnacs, grappas, and various herbal liqueurs...There is

Libertyville , The Tavern

so much more for me to try at the Tavern, I can't wait to get back to town.
- GRbradley, 08/01/2007

Wow! The Tavern most certainly delivers. Our visits to The Tavern have always been met with a warm smile, followed by wonderful service. The dining room staff are true professionals, and you can tell they like what they do. The kitchen staff presents food with such consistency of recipe that you can bring in new guests with confidence in their high quality dishes. Any "Food Mood" you may be in, will be satisfied by their kitchen. Feast on one of the USDA Prime Steaks or Fresh Seafood selections. Sitting at the Bar and tasting appetizers can be fun way to try The Tavern fare. If wine is on your palate, then you must indulge in their Award Winning Wine List. Take your time looking, and you will find some fabulous deals on the list. The Upper Dining level has two beautiful Private Rooms, with exclusive service. Give your clients, friends and family a treat at The Tavern. Hosting your event there, means your guests had a true "Party to Remember." Quiet corporate dinners with a private server will please your clientele as well. - Sherrie, 07/24/2007

My husband and I dined at The Tavern over the weekend and had such a great time. The steaks are the best that we have ever had anywhere, especially the Prime NY Strip. We were also given a great recommendation on wine, which boasts a list of over 700 bottles! The atmosphere is fun and charming and we can't wait to go back. - Tori, 05/08/2007

My wife took me here over the weekend for my birthday and we had a great dinner. The prime New York strip is one of the best steaks I have ever had and paired with a lobster tail is unbelievable! The wine list is not to missed either (over 800 bottles). We'll be back soon... - Mike, 05/13/2007

The prime NY strip steak is the best around. And the wine list just keeps getting bigger and better every time we go! Can't wait to get back there soon! - Mike C., 05/02/2007

I went to the Tavern last weekend and could not have been more pleased. I live in the city and was visiting some friends in the burbs and the thought of a soccer mom 'night on the town' was dreadful. I was wrong. Not only was my steak perfect, and the wine list impressive, but even though the place was packed on a saturday night, we got right in. I had a great time and will be back for sure. - Patrick, 02/19/2007

I think the Tavern is FANTASTIC. Every time I've dined there, it's been a great experience. The steaks are perfect, and there is something on the menu for everyone. Ask about wine pairings with your meal, as they have an award-winning wine program and love sharing their expertise. - Christina, 02/15/2007

This place is fantastic. We live in the neighborhood and dine at the Tavern regularly. In our opinion this is one of the best places north of Chicago for steaks. Consistantly excelent steaks, warm caring service, and a great selection of Belgian ales (my favorite). - Dan, 03/21/2005

I couldn't believe how terrible my experience was. no menu upon sitting down, had to wait 15 minutes. no bread. steak was tough, lobster tails overcooked. the service was horrible, $140 for two people and I felt I have been serviced better at a Mc Donalds. - steven, 02/21/2005

Best restaurant in lake County. Excellent food, romantic setting with top notch service. The bar is beautifully decorated with great drinks and service. This is my favorite place for a prime New York strip. Overall great dining experience. - Michael, 12/02/2004

My wife and I love this restaurant. Some of the best steaks in the Midwest. Fantastic wine list with fari prices. Great wines by the glass and a knowlegeble, friendly staff make this a locat favorite. - frank freeman, 11/24/2004

This is a real saving grace to living out here in homogenous suburban hell. The food is wonderful and excellent selection of wines and beers etc. Very cozy romantic. Try the Tavern Filet - This is truly the only remarkable fine dining in Lake County!! - cdj60031, 04/17/2004

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